Teacher’s Day 2020 – Teachers Day in India 2020 |05th September

Teacher’s Day
Teacher’s day
Happy Teacher’s day
India celebrates Teachers Day on 5th of September, it is the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan he was born in year 1888 in Andhra Pradesh, he was the great academician, scholar diplomat and teacher he was awarded with Bharat Ratna and also, he was the second President of India.
Teachers give knowledge and wisdom to student teacher is like candle who give light of knowledge to student.   teachers build future of nation and they play important role to give good citizens to country, so country will be in safe and in near future. Teacher is having great responsibility to shape mind of the students.
When is teacher’s day?
Teacher’s day is on: Saturday, 5 September 2020.
Teachers day
Happy Teacher’s day
Why Teacher’s Day is celebrated?
Once upon a time student asked him that he want to celebrated his birthday and how to celebrate? Then he said instead of celebrating his birthday individually he will be proud if his birthday is celebrated as Teacher's Day, the day of each and every teacher. Teacher’s day is India is celebrated since 1967 on 5th September.
How Teacher’s Day is celebrated?
India on Teachers Day senior student take lecture junior class, also sometimes teacher also sit in class as students. On Teachers Day students arrange teacher’s day at schools and colleges with different competitions games and events and the main Motive behind celebrating teacher day is to thank them.
The international teacher’s day is celebrated all over the world on October 5th. on Teachers Day everyone remember is good memory with the teacher who inspire him teacher who supported him guided him.
Teacher’s day
Happy Teacher’s day