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Saraswati Puja
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Goddess Saraswathi, is the Goddess of knowledge music art and wisdom. Saraswathi Puja is celebrated mostly in schools as she is the Goddess of knowledge.  Saraswati Puja in India is being celebrated two times in a year means in North India Saraswati Puja is in the month of February that is Vasant Panchami, and in South India it is mostly celebrated in the days of Navratri.
on Saraswathi Puja people worship Maa Saraswathi as she is the ultimate of knowledge.
When is Saraswati Pooja?
Saraswati Pooja is on: Sunday 25th October 2020.
Saraswati Puja Image
Who celebrate Saraswathi Puja?
Saraswathi Puja is celebrated all over the India special in schools by the students, and even at home also people worship Maa Saraswati.  in most of the Hindu houses, there will be the photo of Goddess Lakshmi Maa Saraswati God Shree Ganesha.
In schools and colleges on the day of Saraswati Puja student draw picture of Maa Saraswati and takes to the school. Murti of Maa Saraswati is being worshipped like Ganesh Chaturthi on the day of Saraswati at school and colleges and other Social Organizations and Institutions.