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Makar Sankranti
Makhar Sankranti Makharsankranti
Makharsankranti/ Makhar Sankranti

What is Makar Sankranti?
with great diversity of India this festival is celebrated in many ways Lori, Pongal etc. Vasant/ Basant Panchami means the spring. Makar Sankranti celebration of Suns journey to the markhar from Makar Sankranti days will get longer. Makar Sankranti is also important because from now onwards days and night will have equal proportion, earlier to Makar Sankranti there were more of cold means during the month of November and December happened to be the most coldest month during the cold month all type of disease are being spread, Makar Sankranti is auspicious because from this day sun will shine in sky.
Where Makharsankranti is Celebrated?
Makar Sankranti is celebrated throughout the country to the different names.
Kite Flying on Makhar Sankranti
When is Makharsankranti?
Makhar Sankranti in india is celebrated on: 14th January 2020

How Makar Sankranti is celebrated?
people exchange multi-colour Tilgul ( Seshem seeds) and greet each other by saying “tilgul kha God God bola”. Makar Sankranti celebrated by married women, where married women visit houses friends and relatives where they have been invited to celebrate haldi Kumkum. people in Gujarat celebrate Makar Sankranti by flying kites in the sky, where flying competition has been held. In Punjab Makar Sankranti is celebrated as Lori, they put on Bonfire unhindered sugarcane rice petrol and Punjabi dance all over the Bonfire Bhangra till late night. in South India Makar Sankranti is known as Pongal for them Pongal is important then Diwali in southern parts of country, they cook rice and pulses in milk and ghee and offered to the God intend to the family primary they worship lord Sun Surya Narayan. in Uttar Pradesh, people take Holy bath banks of Ganga Jamuna and Saraswathi and worship to the God and take blessings on auspicious day.