Holika Dahan 2020

Holika Dahan
Holika Dahan

Why Holika Dahan is celebrated?
In olden days in India there was one demon female Rakshasa Holika, her brother was demon Hiranyakashyap who was the demon king.  the demon king was having one son is name of Kumar Pralhad.  Kumar Prahalad was the Bhakta of Lord Vishnu.
King Hiranya Kashyap was against Vishnu he try to convince his son not to worship him attended many times but  he failed to convince his son.  with no success and with anger he decided to kill his son Prahalad.
Hiranyakashyap tried many ways to kill his son but he was not able to kill him because his Bhakti was so strong that lord Vishnu was saving him attempts of hiranyakashyap.   demon King has attempted many ways including frying in oil, throwing him from mountain and also kept him in room full of poisonous snake.  even with this dangerous at times Lord Vishnu was saving Prahalad. Finally, King Hiranya Kashyap call sister Holika to kill Prahlad.  Holika was having Vardan that she was not affected by fire so she decided she will make prahlad to sit on her lap and she will put fire.  but during this time with fire Prahalad remain unharmed and Holika was burnt alive.

When is Holika Dahan?
Holika Dahan is on: Monday 9th March 2020.

Happy Holika Dahan

How Holika Dahan is celebrated?
People put on huge bonfire and celebrate Holika Dahan as she was burnt alive in fire.  people believe that fire kills the bad vibes negativity and make everything Pavitra. That is why Holika Dahan is being celebrated, Next day is Holi that is the festival of colors.