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Holi- Rangapanchami
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Holi is festivals of color, Holi celebrated on the fifth day of full moon.  that is why it is also said Holi is Rang Panchami.  Rang means colour and Panchami is   the   fifth day.  Holi is being celebrated with bright colours powder which is being applied to each other. Holi is the most awaited festival of India.
When is holi?
Holi Celebration date: Tuesday, 10 March 2020.
Colors- gulaal
Holi- www.festivaltime.in

Why Holi is celebrated?
Celebration of Holi is associated with two reasons.  as one of the famous stories is associated with Lord Vishnu and Bhakta Prahalad.  King Hiranyakashyap was against Lord Vishnu he tries to convince his son not to worship him attended many times but he failed to convince his son. with No success to convince pralad with anger any decided to kill his son Prahalad.
 Hiranya Kashyap tried many ways to kill his son but he was not able to kill him because Bhakti, his was so strong that lord was saving him attempts of hiranyakashyap.  Demon King has decided to kill Prahalad by attempt of frying in oil, throwing him from mountain and also kept him in room full of poisonous snake. even with this dangerous at times Lord Vishnu was saving Prahalad. finally, King Hiranya Kashyap call sister Holika to kill Prahlad. Holika was having Vardan that she was not affected by fire so she decided she will make pahlad to sit on her lap and she will put fire. but during this time with fire Prahlad remain unharmed and Holika was burnt alive.
Another story is associated with the god of lust and Mahadeva.  it is believed that Holi is festival of Kamadeva which is the god of lust, that is why it is celebrated with colors applying color to each other throwing color water and it is not  like other festival where people visit to temples on Holi on this particular day it  is not compulsory to visit Temple.   on the day of Holi Lord Shiva Burnt the Kamadeva by opening third eye that is why after the Holi people burn fire and put the Ash to the body.
Holi- Gulaal
Holi- www.festivaltime.in

How to celebrate Holi?
Holi is the festival of joy everyone changes everyone bright colour powder in hand and apply the colour to the body of each other.  colour powder is also known as Gulaal, it is an excuse for the Indian to have big fun in India spend a day flirting and miss behaving on the street throwing colours and waters on everyone.
Holi-People playing Holi
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Where Holi is celebrated?
Holi celebrated all over the India when it is celebrated in North India cities like Mathura Vrindavan Banaras how special  Vibe in the day of Holi because these cities have close relation with Lord Krishna because once upon a time that was the home  of Lord Krishna. Madhya Pradesh is famous for Holi in Maharashtra Holi is known as Rang Panchami.