Gudi Padwa| Hindu New Year| Festival of India

Gudi Padwa
Gudi Padwa
 Gudi Padwa celebration of Hindu New Year,  Gudi Padwa is mostly celebrated in Maharashtra Madhya Pradesh Goa Karnataka etc.  in Tamil nadu Gudi Padwa is known as Ugadi,  yugudi in Karnataka. Padva means the first day of the month, in Hindus new year is starting from the month Chitra.
 When is Gudi Padwa?
Gudi Padwa is on: Wednesday 24th March 2020.

Where Gudi Padwa is celebrated?
 Gudi Padwa is celebrated like Maharashtra Madhya Pradesh Karnataka Goa etc.
 How to celebrate Gudi Padwa?
Every Hindu festival start with a holy bath in morning some people take bath in river especially Holy rivers near to them.  the day before Gudi Padwa people cleans their houses can apply fresh cow dung after that they chive Neem leaves and raise Gudi at house.  Gudi is flag made by the bamboo tree with bright red orange or yellow cloth tied above with flowers and mango leaves and also the name lives with Kalash and beautiful rangoli outside house and Pooja of Gudi.  people visit the nearest temple to take blessings of God on the auspicious start of the new year with new clothes. At home delicious meal is being prepared.