Dussehra |Vijayadashami |Dasara |Festival of India

Dussehra -Vijayadashami
Vijayadashami Images
Happy Dussehra -Vijayadashami Images

Vijayadashami is also known as a dashara, Dussehra is the most celebrated festival or over the India Dussehra is 10th day of Navratri, on this day good win over evil.  Dussehra is the day when Lord Rama killed demon Ravana and also goddess Maa Durga has killed Rakshas Mahishasura.
In Ramayana Rakshas king of Sri Lanka was Ravana has taken away by kidnapping Sita from Rama and he kept her in his Kingdom Lanka, on the day of Dussehra Lord Rama   has defeated Ravan.
When is Dussehra?
Dussehra is on: Sunday, 25 October 2020.
Vijayadashami Images
Happy Dussehra -Vijayadashami Images

Where Dussehra is celebrated?
Dussehra is very famous in Northern part of India where Ram Leela is being performed nine days before Dussehra and day of Dussehra the statues of Ravana is being burn. In Eastern part of India Durga Pooja is celebrated during the time of Navratri, Durga Puja is very popular in West Bengal. Durga Puja is celebrated like Ganesh Chaturthi where Idol of Maa Durga is being worshipped for the Navratri.
Dussehra is also famous in Mysore Karnataka it is the festival of Goddess Chamundeshwari in Karnataka Mysore during that time elephants are being decorated with Jewelries and parade is being carried out Road.
On the day of Dussehra Hindu people and visit to the nearest temple to take a blessing from Maa Durga, the day of Vijayadashami is very auspicious, people visit in temple and take blessings. on the day of Dussehra people India also worships weapons vehicles and everything which help them to survive   and feed their family means it is a day of recognition of the items very important items in day today life.
Trees are also being worshipped on days of Dussehra.  the day of Dussehra is very auspicious to Buy Shubh items like gold silver on that particular day. At home people prepare delicious food and with  beautiful clothes pople go to the Mela.