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Ashadi Ekadashi
Ashadi Ekadashi-
As Per Hindu Calendar in a year there are 24 ekadashis, Ashadi Ekadashi is one of them.  Ekadashi means the 11th day of lunar month.  Ashadi Ekadashi is famous for great Pandharpur Yatra to the Vithoba Temple.   Lord Vithoba is  roop of Lord Krishna.
When is Ashadi Ekadashi?
Ashadi Ekadashi is on: Wednesday, 1 July 2020.
Ashadi Ekadashi is also known as Shayani Ekadashi, on Shayani Ekadashi it is believed that Lord Vishnu sleep on Sheshnag in shirsagar that is the ocean of milk for four months and after 4 months he wakes up on Probhodhni Ekadashi. 
Ekadashi Wari started by Sant Tukaram who was the great devotee Lord Vitthal it was about 300- 350 years ago.  to the Pandharpur is the city on the bank of chandrabhaga.  Lord Krishna take Avatar as Vitthal at Pandharpur.
On Ekadashi devotees fast for the day and Chant and sing prayers of Lord, regardless of caste gender devotees participate in Pandharpur Yatra take blessings of Vitthal.
How to celebrate Ekadashi?
On the day of Dashami meaning the day previous to Ekadashi devotees have only one meal.  date of Ekadashi after a bath Lord Vitthal with Tulsi leaves fasting for the full day and fast is being Break on the next day that is dwadashi.